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I am Kahraman Marangoz, a Belgium citizen born in nineteen seventy seven. The last of five children from a coalminers family. At the age of fourteen i went to the art school and followed visual arts. That was a time where i learned a lot about art as well as life. Belgium was a country that stood open for new idea’s and tolerated western value’s through the seculair state structure. I am glad to be a part of the western values where i stay behind, for me they are branches that grow into the future. That western world had a certain dynamic but that was not the only dynamic at the time. Computers, satellites, mobile phones and the internet also created a dynamic. In the period where i was painting landscapes, i found that advanced technology was something special and that i had to do something with it, not let it go bye like it was nothing. I understood that it had an impact on the world and that it was very new and unseen in the timeline.


How was i going to do it?


I had developed a certain taste for art by going to visit exhibitions and museums. I started to use a LCD-TV screen and a digital camera to create my first digital work of art with the taste for art that i had developed. Took me some time to get there but i was prepared to work hard to get there, to create the best art i could. I name my style ‘modern futurism’ to underline the new level of modern times that rose above the horizon. The world with the western values is seen as the modern world and this art is for people from that world and for that world.

The modern world that allowed me to send my name to the planet Mars, send my name to orbit around the Sun. That makes me one of the first artist in art history who’s name was send to another planet and proud that i could take part of such a historical achievement.


Digital Artist Kahraman Marangoz




How digital art is made



With a 4K digital camera i take a picture from very close the screen of an LCD TV or a 4K TV. That effect i use to upload on a laptop where with a computer program i transform it to digital art. As technology always continues to develop, that wil influence my art. How? There are now 8K camera’s and 8K TV screens for example and in the future, if i can, will use that technology to make digital art. That progress and new inventions will give an evolution inside my digital art and makes my art special.





How to buy digital art?


If you have read the information above you are introduced to my digital art what i named ‘modern futurism’. When you decided to buy a digital art work you have to contact me. When you contact me you have to say which digital art work you want, they have numbers as you can see on the online shop. If you know what size the work should be you can tell me the size that should be somewhere between 60cm x 60cm. If you don’t know what size then i can give advice what size i find best. The basic material the works are printed on is 1.5 mm aluminium. If you want another material to be printed on you have to mention it to me. The digital art work is printed on high quality photo paper in a professional atelier. Every digital work has a special certificate with my signature, only that can guarantee that it is an original. After you contacted me about what work you want to buy and everything is known, you have to make a payment to my bank account. When i receive the payment the process of making that unique work of digital art starts. When the work is ready it will ship to your address.




 You only have a real digital work of art with this certificate of authenticity



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